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Avro 698 Vulcan

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At the end of World War II, Bomber Command developed a specification for a long-range bomber capable of delivering nuclear weapons.  This specification lead to the development of the "V-bombers"--
the Vickers Valiant, Avro 698 Vulcan and Handley Page Victor.

The Vulcan had a delta wing and carried a crew of five--pilot and co-pilot seated side by side and the electronics officer, navigator and radar operator facing aft also seated side-by-side.  The first prototype flew in 1952.

In 1973 some Vulcans were converted to a reconnaissance role.  Vulcans participated in the Falkland War of 1982 setting a record for the longest bombing mission (at that time).  The Vulcan was withdrawn from service shortly after the war.

Specifications (Vulcan B.Mk 2)




Type: Bomber
Engine: four 20,000 lb (89 kN) thrust Rolls-Royce Olympus 301 turbojets

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