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Globe GC-1 Swift

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The Swift was originally designed by R.S. Johnson of Ft Worth, Texas in 1940.  Johnson took the design to John Kennedy, also of Ft Worth, and owner of Globe Aircraft to put the aircraft into production.  The prototype GC-1 flew in 1942 but development was delayed by World War II.

After the war, the Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company (TEMCO) was sub-contracted to help produce the Swift.  Over production put Globe out of business in 1947.  TEMCO continued production until 1951.  Over 750 were produced.

 Specifications (GC-1B)    Designations
Type: General
Engine: one 125 hp (93 kW) Continental C-125 piston engine
GC-1: with 85 hp Continental C-85
GC-1B: with 125 hp Continental C-125
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