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SIAI Marchetti F.260

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The SIAI Marchetti F.260 is one of the most successful two-seat, piston military trainers.  Developed and first produced by Aviamilano, the prototype F.250 first flew in 1964.  SIAI Marchetti license-built this aircraft with the second prototype and eventually took over all responsibility for the program.

Over 860 F.260s have been built of which about 170 were built for civil customers.  Aermacchi continues to build the F.260.

 Specifications (F.260A)  Designations
Type: Trainer
Engines: one 260 hp (195 kW) Lycoming O-540-E4A5 piston engine
F.260: original Aviamilano designation.  Reestabilished by Aermacchi in 1997.
SF.260: designation used by SIAI-Marchetti
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