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Avro Shackleton

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The Shackleton is the last in a line of four-engine piston driven aircraft designed by Avro.  The line started with the twin-engine Manchester of 1939 that became the four-engine Lancaster.  The Lancaster in turn became the Lincoln when modified for the distances required in the Pacific theater.

When the United Kingdom needed a maritime reconnaissance aircraft in 1946, it turned to the Lincoln.  Modified again, the new aircraft was called the Shackleton.  The Shackleton first flew in 1949.

The last variant of the Shackleton, the AEW.2, remained in service with the RAF in the airborne early warning role until the early 1990s.

 Specifications (Shackleton MR.3)  Designations
Type: Maritime reconnaissance
Engines: four 2,455 hp (1831 kW) Rolls-Royce Griffon 57A piston engines (all marks were eventually upgraded to Griffon 58 engines)
Avro 696: Company model number
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