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Hawker Fury/Sea Fury

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The Hawker Fury was originally intended as a light-weight version of the Hawker Tempest and first flew in 1944.  The navalized version, the Sea Fury, first flew in 1945.

The contract for the Fury was cancelled at the end of World War II; however, development of the Sea Fury was continued.  Sea Furies entered service in 1948.

Sea Furies operated in the ground-attack role during the early stages of the Korean conflict in 1950 flying from Royal Navy aircraft carriers.

In addition to the Royal Navy, the Hawker Sea Fury saw service in the Australian and Canadian Royal Navies, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Egypt, Burma, Cuba and Iraq.

 Specifications (FB.Mk 11)
Type: Fighter/Bomber
Engines: one 2,480 hp (1849 kW) Bristol Centaurus 18 radial piston engine
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