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Gyrodyne DSN/QH-50

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They Gyrodyne QH-50 was designed to meet the requirements of the US Navy DASH (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter) program.  The first unmanned free flight was made on 12 August 1960.

The QH-50 carried one or two Mk-44 homing torpedoes up to 22 miles from its destroyer to attack suspected enemy submarines.  This weapon system was stationed on destroyers from 1963 - 1970.  746 C and D models were produced.

 Specifications (QH-50C)  Designations
Type: Unmanned anti-submarine helicopter
Engines: one 300 hp (223 kW) Boeing T50-BO-8A turbo-shaft engine
DSN: pre-1962 designation
QH-50: post-1962 designation
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