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Culver PQ-8

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The prototype XPQ-8 first flew in 1942.  Used as target drones, this aircraft had a cockpit and controls for piloted ferry flights.  After the war, survivors became popular sport aircraft.  About 200 were built.

The PQ-8 design was revived briefly by (1950) Superior Aircraft of Los Angeles, (1958) California Aero Corp of Tracy, California and (1962) Helton Aircraft of Mesa, Arizona.  Low payload (600 lbs) resulted in limited interest.

 Specifications (Lark 95)  Designations
Type: General Aviation
Engine: one 95 hp (67 kw) Continental C-90-12F piston engine
PQ-8: US Army Air Forces designation
Satellite: Superior Aircraft designation
Lark 95: Cal Aero designation
Helton Lark: Helton designation
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