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NZAIL CT-4 Airtrainer
Pacific Aerospace CT-4 Airtrainer

Photo: Paul Shanaberger

The CT-4 Airtrainer was developed by Aero Engine Services, Ltd (AESL) of New Zealand and based on the Australian Victa Airtourer.  The Airtrainer first flew on February 23, 1972.

AESL merged with Air Parts, Ltd to form New Zealand Aerospace Industries, Ltd (NZAIL) as production of the CT-4 began in 1973.  The Airtrainer was purchased by the air forces of Australia, New Zealand and Thailand.  The RAAF gave the CT-4 the nickname "Plastic Parrot".

Production ended in 1977 but was restarted by Pacific Aerospace in 1990.

 Specifications (CT-4A)
Type: Trainer
Engine: one 210 hp (155 kW) Continental O-360-D piston engine
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