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Western Electric SAM-A-7 Nike Ajax

The Nike Ajax was the world's first operational surface-to-air guided missile system.  The first unguided Nike missile was fired in 1946 and the first successful interception in 1951.  The first operational site was activated in 1954.

The last Nike Ajax on U.S. soil was retired in 1963, replaced by the Nike Hercules.

 Specifications  Designations
Type: Anti-aircraft missile
Engines: Booster: one 55,000 lb (246 kN) thrust Allegheny Ballistics Lab M5 solid-fueled rocket.  Sustainer: one 2,600 lb (11.6 kN) Bell liquid-fueled rocket
SAM-A-7: Designation prior to 1962
MIM-3: Designation after 1962
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