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Martin 4-0-4

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The Aircraft

The post-war grail for aircraft manufacturers was to develop a replacement for the Douglas DC-3.  Martin's entry into this perceived market was the Martin 4-0-4 series of aircraft.

The prototype 2-0-2 first flew on 22 November 1946.  The loss of a 2-0-2 in 1948 due to wing structural failure led to the end of production for this aircraft.  An improved 3-0-3 had already been flown but the need for a wing redesign put an end to the 3-0-3 also.

The 4-0-4 had a redesigned wing as well as a pressurized cabin.  The delay allowed other manufacturers the lead time they needed.  Production of the 4-0-4 ended in 1953 after only 103 had been built.

Specifications (4-0-4)





Type: Commercial
Seats: 40 passengers
Engines: two 2,400 hp (1790 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB16 radial engines
2-0-2: Initial version
3-0-3: Improved version
4-0-4: Definitive version
RM-1: Coast Guard transport (pre-1961)
VC-3: Navy/Coast Guard transport (after 1961)

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