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Lake LA-4 Buccaneer

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The Aircraft

The Lake LA-4 was a development of the Colonial Skimmer IV and first flew in 1959.  An improved version, the LA-4-200 (named Buccaneer) was introduced in 1970.

This aircraft continued to be improved with the Renegade 250 being introduced in 1983.  This aircraft is still in production with over 1,300 built.
Specifications (LA-4-200)





Type: Amphibian
Seats: four
Engine: one 200 hp (149 kW) Lycoming IO-360-A1B piston engine
LA-4-180: with 180 hp Lycoming O-360
LA-4-200: with 200 hp Lycoming IO-360 
LA-4-250: with 250 hp Lycoming IO-540

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