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Pratt & Whitney Canada

Engines The Company
Model Military Number Name
c.1960 PT6A    
c.1970 PT6T T400 TwinPac
1971 JT15D    
1983 PW100    
1990 PW300    
Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) is a world leader in aviation engines for business and regional jets as well as helicopters.  The company is a subsidiary of United Technologies.


1928: Canadian Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company Ltd. is formed.  It functions as a service center for Pratt & Whitney engines built in the U.S.

1951: A sudden demand for R-1340 Wasps leads to building a production plant in Canada.

1957: United Aircraft Corp. (P&W's parent company) decideds to make P&WC United Aircraft's center for general aviation turbine engines.

1958: Work begins on the PT6 turboprop.

1975: United Aircraft changes its name to United Technologies.

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