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Orenda Aerospace

Engines The Company
Model Military Number Name
1949     Orenda
Orenda Aerospace Corp. has its beginning in 1945 when Hawker Siddeley purchased the Victory Aircraft Plant in Malton, Ontario to form Avro Canada.  In 1946, Avro Canada purchased Turbo Research.  Avro Canada's first engine was run in 1948.

Avro Canada's next engine was the Orenda which was first run in 1949.  The Orenda was used to power the CF-100 and the Canadair built F-86 Sabre.

With the demise of Avro Canada, Orenda Engines Ltd. was formed in 1956.  The company produced General Electric J79 and J85 turbojets under license.  Today, Orenda Aerospace is division of Magellan Aerospace and produces the only certified liquid-cooled V-8 aircraft piston engine in the world.

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