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Walter HWK 509

The Engine Specifications
The HWK 509 liquid fuel rocket engine was developed by the Hellmuth Walter Werke to power the German Me 163 Komet.  The prototype engine first flew in the second Me163B prototype in 1943. 

At full throttle the HWK 509 could drive the Komet to a maximum speed of 593 mph. However, the Komet carried only enough fuel for 7 1/2 minutes of powered flight.

Liquid-fuel rocket
Fuel: Hydrazine hydrate & methanol (C-Stoff)
Oxidizer: hydrogen peroxide (T-Stoff)
Models Used by
HWK 509A-2: 3748 lb (16.7 kN) thrust
Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet
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