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Engines The Company
Model Military Number Name
c.1960   T55 2  
c.1964 TPE331 1 T76  
1969 TFE731 1    
c.1969 ALF 502 2     
1991 CFE738 1    
1 from Garrett
from Lycoming
AlliedSignal and Honeywell merged in 1999.  The new company was named Honeywell.  Among many other things, the company produces gas turbine aircraft engines.


1968: Signal merges with the Garrett Corporation.  Garrett AiResearch continues as a separate division of the Signal Companies.

1985: Allied Corp. and the Signal Companies merge to form AlliedSignal.  Garrett loses its separate identity.

1995: AlliedSignal acquires the gas turbine business of Textron Lycoming.

1999: Honeywell and AlliedSignal merge.  The aircraft engine business becomes part of the Propulsive Systems Enterprise (PSE).

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