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Engines The Company
Model Military Number Name
c.1964 TPE331 T76  
1969 TFE731    
1971 ATF3 F104  
Garrett AiResearch was an innovative gas turbine company and held a large part of the general aviation and light military propulsion market.  Its Sky Harbor Airport, Phoenix, Arizona facility is still a large part of Honeywell's aircraft engine business.


1946: Cliff Garrett opens AiResearch at Mines Field (now Los Angeles International)

1968: Signal merges with the Garrett Corporation.  Garrett AiResearch continues as a separate division of the Signal Companies.

1981: The AiResearch name is dropped.  The engine business is named Garrett Turbine Engine Company.

1985: Allied Corp. and the Signal Companies merge to form AlliedSignal.  Garrett loses its separate identity.

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