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Continental/Teledyne Continental

Engines  The Company
Model Military Number Name
1929 R-9751    
1934 W-670 R-670  
1938 A65 O-170  
1944 C85 O-190  
1945 C125 O-280  
1947 C90 O-200  
1947 C145 O-300  
1947 E1652 O-470  
1951 3522 J69  
1962 O-360    
1963 O-520    
1971 O-240    
1983 O-550    
1 Wright design built under license
2 earliest model number of this engine
In the 1920s, Continental Motors made engines for other manufacturers' cars and trucks.  The company's first production aircraft engine was a radial that flew in 1929.

In 1931, Continental introduced the engine that defined the company, the A40 four-cylinder, horizontally-opposed piston engine.

Continental was acquired by Teledyne in 1969 to form Teledyne Continental Motors.  In addition to horizontally-opposed piston engines, TCM also produces small gas turbine engines for RPVs, missiles and small aircraft.

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