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Argus Motorengesellschaft

Engines The Company
Model Military Number Name
1931 As 10    
Argus Motorengesellschaft is most famous for its inverted vee piston engines, notably the As 10 inverted V-8 and the As 410 inverted V-12 which powered the Fw 189 and Ar 96.  Perhaps their most notorious engine was the Argus-Schmidt 109-014 pulsejet used to power the V-1 buzz bomb.


1902: Argus builds its first automobile engine

1906: Argus adapts its auto engine for use in aircraft

1919: Aircraft engine work ceases

1928: Argus re-enters the aircraft engine with an inverted inline 4, the As 8

1942: First flight of the 109-014 powered V-1 (Fi 103)

1945: ???


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