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Garrett TPE331

The Engine Specifications
This gas turbine engine was designed as both a turboshaft (TSE331) and a turboprop (TPE331).  The turboshaft version never went into production; however, over 14,000 TPE331s have been sold.  The military version (the T76) has the air inlet above the engine unlike most commercial versions.
Turboprop (single shaft)
Compressor: two-stage centrifugal
Turbine: 3-stage
Mass flow: 5.8 to 11.6 lbs/sec
Models Used by
T76-G-420: 1,040 hp (776 kW)
TPE 331: 575 hp (429 kW)
TPE 331-12UAR: 1,020 hp (670 kW)
TPE 331-11U-601G: 1,100 hp
(820 kW)
British Aerospace Jetstream
Fairchild Metro III
North American OV-10 Bronco
Rockwell Turbo Commander
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