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Wright J-6 Whirlwind

The Engine Specifications
Like the J-5, the J-6 Whirlwind was based on the J-4 of 1924, this time with cylinders of increased bore (from 4.5 to 5 inches).

The first J-6 (the Whirlwind 7) flew in 1925.  In 1929, the Whirlwind 9 was introduced and in 1930, the Whirlwind 5.  All three shared the same cylinder design (5 x 5.5 in); they differed in the number of cylinders.

The Whirlwind 9 (R-975) was also produced by Continental during World War II.

Whirlwind 5 (R-540)

5 cylinder, air-cooled, radial

displacement: 540 cubic inches  (8.8 liters)

Whirlwind 7 (R-760)

7 cylinder, air-cooled, radial

displacement: 757 cubic inches (12.4 liters)

Whirlwind 9 (R-975)

9 cylinder, air-cooled, radial

displacement: 973 cubic inches (15.9 liters)
Models Used by
J-6 Whirlwind (R-540): 165-175 hp (123-131 kW) 
J-6 Whirlwind 7 (R-760): 225-320 hp (168-238 kW)
J-6 Whirlwind 9 (R-975): 300-420 hp (223-313 kW) 
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