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Pratt & Whitney JT9D

The Engine Specifications (JT9D-3)
Selected by Boeing to power the 747, the JT9D helped open a new era in commercial aviation, the high-bypass engine to power wide-body aircraft.

Production of the JT9D ended in 1990 to be replaced by the PW4000.  There are still well over 2,000 JT9Ds powering 600 commercial aircraft world-wide.

Fan: 1-stage
Compressor: 3-stage LP, 11-stage HP
Turbine: 2 + 4
bypass ratio: 4.8
pressure ratio: 26.7
mass flow: 1,510 lbs/sec
Models Used by
JT9D-7FW: 50,000 lb (222 kN) thrust
Airbus A300
Airbus A310
Boeing 747
Boeing 767
McDonnell Douglas DC-10
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