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Pratt & Whitney J60

The Engine  Specifications
The prototype J60 (or JT12) first ran in 1958 with production beginning in 1960.

The J60 was also converted into a turboshaft engine for Sikorsky's S-64 Skycrane.  The turboshaft engine added a two-stage free turbine and was designated the T73 or JFTD12.

I've also been told the J60 was easily damaged by FOD. (e-mail from Rick Murray)

Compressor: 9-stage axial (single spool)
Turbine: 2-stage axial
Pressure Ratio: 6.4
 Models  Used by
J60-P-3: 3,000 lb (13.3 kN)
J60-P-6: 3,000 lb (13.3 kN)
North American T-2 Buckeye
North American T-39 Sabreliner
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