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Curtiss Model D

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The Curtiss Model D was Glenn Curtiss' first "production" model.  The Model D set several firsts...the first amphibian capable of landing and taking off from land or water and the first aircraft to take-off from and land on a ship.

The Curtiss Model D was the second airplane purchased by the U.S. Army, one of five aircraft the Army acquired in 1911.  The Navy's first aircraft was also a Model D purchased in 1911.

The early Model D had both forward and rear elevators.  Lincoln Beachey wrecked his forward elevator at a competition and decided to continue flying without it.  He found the aircraft flew better without it.  After some inquiry, Curtiss deleted the forward elevator on later D models.  These were referred to as the "headless" Model D.





Type: Airplane
Engine: one 75 hp (56 kW) Curtiss O piston engine

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