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Model Military Number Name
1911 Model D    
1927   P-6 Hawk
1928   C-10 Robin
1935 75 P-36 Hawk
1939 H81/H87 P-40 Warhawk
1940 84 SB2C Helldiver
1940 85 O-52 Owl
Model Military Number Name
1940 CW-20 C-46 Commando
1940 CW-22 SNC Falcon
1941 CW-25 AT-9 Fledgling


Model Military Number Name
1912 OX    
1926   V-1570 Conqueror
c.1929   R-600 Challenger
Glenn H Curtiss got his start in aviation when he brought his piston-engine expertise to the Aerial Experimental Association formed in 1908.  The first Curtiss aircraft was the June Bug of 1908.

Curtiss struck out on his own with the Curtiss Aeroplane Company in 1910.  Curtiss is well known for its flying boats and JN-4 Jenny of World War I.

Curtiss continued to develop aircraft engines as well as aircraft after World War I.  During the 1920s, Curtiss was famous for its fighters and racers.  As late as 1932, Curtiss accounted for almost two-thirds of the U.S. Army's expenditures on large engines.

A merger with Wright Aeronautical created Curtiss-Wright in 1929.  Curtiss failed to focus on engine development and lost engine sales during the 1930s.  This forced Curtiss to focus on airframes while Wright continued the engine business.

Curtiss developed several famous aircraft during World War II including the P-40 Warhawk fighter and the C-46 Commando transport.

Neither Curtiss or Wright successfully made the transition to the jet age and substantially all aircraft assets were sold to McDonnell and North American by 1950.


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