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ConvairLiner/C-131 Samaritan

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The "holy grail" for aircraft manufacturers directly after World War II was to develop a replacement for the DC-3.  Convair developed the Model 110 to an American Airlines' specification.  Although the prototype flew in 1946, it never went into production as American had already determined greater capacity was needed.

To meet this new requirement, Convair developed the Model 240 (2 engines, 40 seats) that was first flown in 1947 and went into service in 1948.

If length of service is an indication of success, the ConvairLiner was a successful aircraft.  The Model 240 went through two stretches (the 340 and 440).  The aircraft was purchased by the U.S. Navy and Air Force as well as the Canadian Forces and the Bolivian, German, Italian and Spanish air forces.

About 560 ConvairLiners were built of which more than 240 were converted to turboprop engines.  About 80 were still in service as of 1998.

Specifications (440)





Type: Commercial
Engine: two 2,500 hp (1864 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB16/17 radial piston engines
110: Prototype
240: First production model, 40 seats
340: Stretched for 44 seats
440: Stretched for 52 seats (named Metropolitan)
540: turbo conversions with Eland turboprops
580: turbo conversions with Allison 501-D turboprops
600: turbo conversion for 240 with Rolls Royce Dart turboprops
640: turbo conversion for 340 and 440 with Rolls Royce Dart turboprops
C-131: Transport version (named Samaritan)
CC-109: Canadian Forces transport version
CL-66: Canadian Forces transport version (named Cosmopolitan)
R4Y: U.S. Navy transport version (before 1962)
T-29: Navigator/radar operator training version (named Flying Classroom)
VC-131: VIP transport

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