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United States
Navy/Marine Corps (1914 -1916)

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In 1914, the Navy realized that their existing designating system would become confusing as they procured more aircraft types from an increasing number of manufacturers.  That year they introduced a new system...a two letter to designate class and type.  The system still combined designation with serial number so each aircraft had a different designation.  All existing aircraft were re-designated.

The aircraft types were "A" for Heavier-than-air, "B" for Balloons, "D" for Dirigibles and "K" for Kite balloons.  The types within the Heavier-than-air class were "H" for Hydroaeroplane (seaplane), "B" for Flying boat and "X" for Amphibian.

Designation Aircraft Redesignated from
1911 AH-1 Curtiss Model D A-1

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