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United States
Army (1919 -1924)


During this period, aviation within the U.S. Army continued to be called the Air Service of the U.S. Army.


From 1919 to 1924, the U.S. Army Air Service adopted the French system specifying fifteen airplane types.  Two- or three- letter type symbols were assigned to each numbered type.  An aircraft model would be designated first with the letter type symbols then a sequential number.  For example, the first water-cooled pursuit aircraft model was designated the PW-1.  Additional type symbols were added for aircraft that didn't fit in the original fifteen types.

The types (and their symbols) were:

Type I: Pursuit-Water Cooled (PW)
Type II: Pursuit-Night Work (PN)
Type III: Pursuit-Air Cooled (PA)
Type IV: Pursuit-Ground Attack (PG)
Type V: Two-Seater Pursuit (TP)
Type VI: Ground Attack (GA)
Type VII: Infantry Liaison (IL)
Type VIII: Night Observation (NO)
Type IX: Artillery Observation (AO)
Type X: Corps Observation (CO)
Type XI: Day Bombardment (DB)
Type XII: Night Bombardment-Short Distance (NBS)
Type XIII: Night Bombardment-Long Distance (NBL)
Type XIV: Training-Air Cooled (TA)
Type XV: Training-Water Cooled (TW)
Additional Types
Ambulance (A)
Messenger (M)
Racer (R)
Transport (T)

At this point, there no aircraft on this site under this designation system.

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