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Bellanca Pacemaker/Skyrocket

photo: Paul Shanaberger

The Bellanca CH-200 Pacemaker was a six-place single-engine light transport that first flew in 1928.  Continuous improvement and more powerful engines resulted in several model numbers.

The Bellanca Skyrocket was a refined Pacemaker with a more powerful, 425 hp (317 kW) Pratt & Whitney Wasp and first flew in 1930.  Like the Pacemaker, the Skyrocket was continuously improved and fitted with more powerful engines resulting in several model numbers.

Specifications (31-42)





Type: Transport
Seats: 6
Engine: one 420 hp (313 kW) Pratt & Whitney Wasp C radial piston engine.
CH-200 Pacemaker: 220 hp Wright J-5 (1928)
CH-300 Pacemaker: 330 hp Wright J-6 (1929)
300-W Pacemaker: 300 hp P&W Wasp (1930)
CH-400 Skyrocket: 420 hp P&W Wasp C (1930)
Model D Skyrocket: 450 hp P&W Wasp (1932)
Model E Pacemaker: 420 hp Wright J-6 (1932)
Model F Skyrocket: 550 hp P&W Wasp (1934)
31-40 Pacemaker Senior: 400 hp Wright R-975 Whirlwind (1935)
31-42 Pacemaker Senior: 13-40 with more powerful engine (1935)
31-50 Skyrocket Senior: 550 hp P&W Wasp Hornet (1935)
JE: U.S. Navy utility version of the Pacemaker
RE: U.S. Navy transport version of the Skyrocket 

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