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Bellanca Airbus/Aircruiser

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Developed from the 1928 Bellanca K, built for a proposed New York-Rome flight, the Model P first flew in 1930.  Designed as a 14 seat commercial aircraft, the Model P Airbus suffered from a depressed civil market and a 1934 U.S. government regulation effectively eliminating single engine commercial aircraft.

The U.S. Army purchased 14 Bellanca Airbuses as transports with the designation C-27.  Bellanca improved the Model P with the Model 66 in 1934 and renamed the aircraft Aircruiser.  These aircraft found their niche flying for Canadian operators.

Total production of both the Airbus and Aircruiser totaled 23 aircraft.

Specifications (C-27A)





Type: Commercial/Transport
Seats: 11 -15
Engine: one 650 hp (485 kW) Pratt & Whitney R-1860-19 radial piston engine.
Model P: Initial Bellanca designation (named Airbus)
Model 66: Designation of improved aircraft (named Aircruiser)
C-27: U.S. Army cargo aircraft designation

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