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Aero Commander

Designed by Aero Design & Engineering, the prototype Aero Commander 520 was first flown in 1948 with production beginning in 1951.  Since its introduction, the Aero Commander has been continuously improved, including stretched versions and more powerful piston and turboprop engines.

In addition to Aero Design & Engineering, the Commander has been built by Rockwell-
Standard, North American Rockwell, and Gulfstream.  Production ending with Gulfstream in 1985.

Specifications (560)





Type: Executive
Engines: two 270 hp (201 kW) Lycoming GO-480-B piston engines
520: first version with 240 hp Lycoming GO-435-C2 engines
560: powered by 270 hp Lycoming GO-480-B engines (1954)
680: powered by supercharged 340 hp Lycoming GSO-480-A1A6 engines (1955)
500: four seat version powered by 250 hp Lycoming O-540 engines (1958). Renamed Shrike Commander in 1967.
Grand Commander: 5/9 seat version with 380 hp Lycoming IGSO-540-B1A engines (1961). Renamed Courser Commander in 1967.
Turbo Commander: Grand Commander powered by 575 hp Garrett TPE 331 turboprops (1964)
L-26: U.S. Military liaison designation
U-4: U.S. Air Force utility designation
U-9: U.S. Army utility designation

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