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Cessna UC-78 Bobcat

Cessna produced its first T-50 light transport for the civil market in 1939.  The U.S. Army Air Corps purchased they type as the AT-8 Bobcat as an multi-engine advanced trainer.

With an engine change, the Bobcat was redesignated the AT-17.  In 1942, the U.S. Army Air Force started using the Bobcat as a light personal transport and changed the designation to UC-78.  Pilots gave the Bobcat the nickname "Bamboo Bomber".

Over 4,600 of all types were produced for the Army some of which were transferred to the Navy (designated the JRC).  Over 800 were built for the Royal Canadian Air Force who named the aircraft the Crane.

 Specifications (UC-78B)  Designations
Type: Light Transport/Trainer
Engines: two 245 hp Jacobs R-755-9 radial piston engines
T-50: company design number
AT-8: Advanced trainer (with Lycoming R-680-9 engines)
AT-17: Advanced trainer (with Jacobs R-755-9 engines)
UC-78: light transport similar to AT-17
JRC: Navy light transport similar to AT-17
Crane: RCAF light transport
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