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PZL Mielec TS-11 Iskra

The TS-11 Iskra (Spark) is a two-seat  primary and advanced trainer.  The prototype first flew in 1960 and became operational with the Polish air force in 1964.

Throughout its development, the Iskra has incorporated more powerful engines starting with the HO-10 (1,764 lb thrust) and continuing in 1966 with the SO-1 (2,200 lb thrust) and SO-3 in 1972.  Other improvements include the addition of light attack and reconnaissance capabilities.

The Iskra was also used by the Indian Air Force.

 Specifications (TS-11 bis DF)
Type: Trainer
Engine: one 2,425 lb (10.8 kN) thrust IL SO-3W turbojet
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