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Lockheed T-1/T2V Seastar

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The T2V Seastar was a improved U.S. Navy T-33 (TV-2).  Its rear seat for the instructor was raised six inches to improve the view over the student and a more powerful engine was installed.  Other modifications were made to make the Seastar capable of carrier operations.  The prototype first flew in 1953.

The T2V was redesignated the T-1 in 1962.

 Specifications (T-1A)  Designations
Type: Trainer
Engine: one 6,100 lb (2766 kg) thrust Allison J33-A-24A turbojet
T2V: U.S. Navy trainer designation (before 1962)
T-1: U.S. Military designation (after 1962)
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Lockheed T2V/T-1 Seastar


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