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Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star

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The T-33 two-seat trainer was a development of the F-80.  The T-33 first flew in 1948.  Basically an F-80 with a lengthened fuselage to fit a second seat in tandem, the T-33 served with more than 20 air forces.  Over 5,600 were built by Lockheed and over 800 by Kawasaki and Canadair.

Lockheed further modified the T-33 (TV-2) to create the T2V Seastar.

 Specifications (T-33A)  Designations
Type: Trainer
Engine: one 5,400 lb (2449 kg) thrust Allison J33-A-35 turbojet
TF-80: original U.S. Army designation
T-33: U.S. Air Force trainer
DT-33: Drone director
QT-33: Radio-controlled drone
TO-2: U.S. Navy trainer (later TV-2)
CL-30: License built by Canadair (named Silver Star) aka CT-33 and CT-133
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P-80/T-33 Shooting Star in Action

Stan Stokes

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