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Ryan ST/ PT-22 Recruit

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Ryan re-entered aircraft manufacturing in 1933 with braced low-wing monoplane tandem open-cockpit trainer powered by a Menasco inline engine...the S-T (Sport-Trainer).  The U.S. Army purchased this aircraft for the primary training role as the PT-16 in 1939.  A few structural changes resulted in the PT-20.

In 1941, Ryan developed the ST-3KR by changing the engine to a Kinner radial.  The U.S. Army purchased this trainer as the PT-21.

A more powerful Kinner radial and the deletion of the landing gear fairings resulted in the most common version (over 1,000 built), the PT-22 Recruit.  The Navy purchased this aircraft as the NR-1.

 Specifications (PT-22)  Designations
Type: Trainer
Engine: one 160 hp (119 kW) Kinner R-540-1 radial piston engine
ST: Ryan Sport-Trainer
ST-A: single seat version
XPT-16: U.S. Army trainer with 125 hp Menasco L-365-1 in-line engine
PT-20: PT-16 with structural changes
PT-21: PT-20 with 132 hp Kinner R-440-3 radial engine
PT-22: PT-21 with more powerful Kinner radial engine and deleted landing gear fairings.
NR: U.S. Navy version
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