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Consolidated PT-1 Trusty

Consolidated's first aircraft was the PT-1 based on the Dayton-Wright TW-3.  The major changes were a change from side-by-side seating to tandem seating and the inclusion of a Wright E engine.

The first PT-1 flew in 1923.  A sturdy and reliable aircraft, it acquired the nickname "Trusty".

Both the U.S. Army and Navy used this aircraft as a trainer.  Derivatives flew into the early 1930s.

 Specifications (PT-1)  Designations
Type: Trainer
Engines: one 180 hp (134 kW) Wright E
Model 1: Consolidated designation
PT-1: U.S. Army Primary Trainer
XPT-2: PT-1 with 225 hp Wright R-790 (J-5)
PT-3: XPT-2 with Clark "Y" wings
XPT-4:  Proposed PT-3 with 125 hp Fairchild-Caminez 447C
XPT-5: PT-3 with 175 hp Curtiss R-600 Challenger
NY-1: U.S. Navy Trainer (as PT-3)
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