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Cessna O-2 Skymaster

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The Aircraft
In 1961, the prototype Model 336 Skymaster was first flown.  Cessna had chosen a push-pull twin engine design to eliminate asymmetrical thrust in the event of an engine failure resulting in an easier aircraft to fly.

In 1965, Cessna introduced the Model 337 Super Skymaster with retractable landing 

gear.  This aircraft was ordered by the U.S. Air Force "off the shelf" in 1967 as a forward air controller (FAC).  In this role, the O-2A Skymaster was modified to carry flares, rockets and light ordinance.

The O-2 was also known as the "Oscar Deuce".

Specifications (O-2A)





Type: Forward Air Controller
Engines: two 210 hp (157 kW) Continental IO-360-GB flat-six piston engines
Model 336: fixed landing gear
Model 337: retractable landing gear
O-2: U.S. Air Force observation (forward air controller) version

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