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Heinkel He 162 Salamander

Designed to be produced cheaply in large quantity, the prototype He 162 Salamander first flew in 1944 and entered combat in April 1945.  Put into production "off the drawing board", about 100 had been produced by war's end with 800 in various stages of completion.

The He 162 was more popularly called the Volksjaeger (People's Fighter).






Type: Fighter
Engines: one 1,764 lb (7.8 kN) thrust BMW 003A-1 turbojet
P.1073: Design number
He 162: Heinkel designation (low numerical number to mislead the Allies)

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Heinkel He 162
Forsyth & Creek

Heinkel He 162 A-2
24in x 16in
Dennis Davison



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