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Kaman HH-43 Huskie

Ordered for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corp, the HUK-1 and HOK-1 respectively first flew in 1953.  The U.S. Air Force also acquired a few similar helicopters designated as the H-43A Huskie.

In 1956, an HOK-1 was tested with a Lycoming T53 turbine engine.  The considerable performance improvement lead to the development of the H-43B first flown in 1958.

Also known as "Pedro", the HH-43 was used extensively in Vietnam to rescue downed airmen.

Specifications (HH-43F)





Type: Rescue Helicopter
Engine: one 825 hp (615 kW) Lycoming T53-L-11 turboshaft engine
K-600: Kaman model number
HOK-1: U.S. Marine Corps Observation Helicopter
HUK-1: U.S. Navy Utility Helicopter
OH-43: Observation helicopter (after 1962)
UH-43: Utility Helicopter (after 1962)
HH-43: Rescue Helicopter

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