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Folland FO.141 Gnat

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The Folland FO.141 Gnat was designed as a private venture to determine how small an effective jet fighter could be produced.  The "proof of concept" FO.139 Midge first flew in 1954 and the prototype Gnat in 1955.  The Gnat became famous as the aircraft of the Yellowjacks and Red Arrows aerobatic teams.

The Gnat was also purchased by India, Yugoslavia and Finland.  India liked the aircraft so much that the Bangalore Division of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) built the Gnat under license for the Indian Air Force.  Named Ajeet (Invincible) this aircraft saw service in the 1965 India-Pakistan War.






Type: Fighter/Trainer
Engines: one 4,520 lb (20.1 kN) Bristol Siddeley Orpheus 701 turbojet
FO.139: Concept demonstrator (named Midge)
FO.141: Initial fighter version
FO.144: Two-seat trainer version

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