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Lockheed F-94 Starfire

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The F-94 Starfire was a development of the F-80 Shooting Star.  To meet the interceptor role, a more powerful after-
burning engine was used and a second seat was added for a radar-intercept officer.  The prototype first flew on 16 April 1949.

The F-94C Starfire's firepower consisted of 24 2.75 inch Mighty Mouse air-to-air rockets housed around the nose radome and 12 each in a pods on each wing's leading edge.  The C model was the first USAF fighter to be armed exclusively with rockets.

The last F-94s were withdrawn from service in 1959.

Specifications (F-94C)





Type: Fighter
Engine: one 8,750 lb (3968 kg) thrust Pratt & Whitney J48-P-5A
F-94: U.S. Air Force fighter designation
YF-97A: Original designation of what became the F-94C.

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Lockheed F-94 Starfire
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P-80/F-94 Shooting Star in Action




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