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Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star

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Originally designated the P-80, the Shooting Star first flew on 8 January 1944 and reached operational units in early 1945 but did not see action in World War II.  The first jet fighter produced for the U.S.A.F. in quantity (1,700 built), the Shooting Star saw action in the Korean conflict.  The F-80 found itself outclassed by the MiG-15 and was relegated to close support duties.

The T-33 trainer and F-94 interceptor were developed from the Shooting Star.

Specifications (F-80C)





Type: Fighter
Engine: one 5,400 lb (2449 kg) thrust Allison J33-A-35 turbojet
P-80: U.S. Army (pre-1947)
DF-80: drone director
F-14: U.S. Army photo reconnaissance (later FP-80 then RF-80)
F-80: U.S. Air Force (post-1947)
FP-80: U.S. Army photo reconnaissance
QF-80: radio-controlled drone
RF-80: Reconnaissance version
TO-1: U.S. Marine Corps trainer (later TV-1)

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P/F-80 Shooting Star in action

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