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Lockheed F-117 Night Hawk

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First flown in 1981, the F-117 was kept secret until its first operational use in 1989 in Panama.  The F-117's minimal radar cross-section and ability to drop precision ordnance place it in a class by itself.

Also known as the "Wobblin' Goblin", the Night Hawk flew 1,271 sorties in during Operation Desert Storm in 1991 achieving an 80% mission success rate while suffering no losses or battle damage.

The designation "F-117" does not fit in the logical "F number" series which was restarted at F-1 in 1962 with 11 then current fighters being redesignated.  The USAF had allocated F-112 through F-116 to Soviet fighters acquired through various means.  One theory is that the Night Hawk was designated F-117 to draw less attention.





Type: Attack
Engine: two 10,800 lb (4900 kg) thrust General Electric F404-GE-F102 turbofans

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