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de Havilland DH-4

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The DH-4 was the first British high-speed medium-weight utility aircraft.  In fact, the DH-4 had similar speed and climb-rate to fighters of its day. 

Designed by Geoffrey de Havilland while working at the Aircraft Manufacturing Co. (Airco), the first DH-4 flew in 1916 and was known as the Airco D.H.4.  Used extensively for reconnaissance and day-bombing, the D.H.4 was the only early British aircraft to be built in large numbers in the U.S. (designated the DH-4).  U.S. DH-4s used the Liberty 12 engine.

The career of the DH-4 lasted well into the 1920s for everything from record-breaking flights to mail-planes and ambulance aircraft. 

Specifications (D.H.4)





Type: Bomber
Engines: one 375 hp (280 kW) Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII piston engine
Airco D.H.4: British designation (also as De H.4)
DH-4: U.S. Army and Navy designation.

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