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Caproni Ca.36

The prototype Ca.30 three-engine bomber first flew in 1913.  The aircraft had a central crew nacelle with a pusher engine and twin booms with tractor engines.

Caproni continued to improve the Ca.30 through World War I.  Caproni bombers were license built in France and the U.S.  The definitive version, the Ca.36, entered service toward the end of World War I and remained in service as late as 1929.

Along with pre-Soviet Russia, Italy pioneered heavy bombers.  Regular bomber raids against Austria-Hungary were being mounted within a  year of Italy entering the war.

Specifications (Ca.36)





Type: Bomber
Engines: three 150 hp (112 kW) Isotta-Fraschini V.4B in-line engines
Ca.30: prototype
Ca.31: first production version powered by 80 hp Gnome rotary engines
Ca.32: powered by 100 hp Fiat A.10 in-line engines
Ca.33: powered by Isotta-Fraschini in-line engines
Ca.36: 5-section wings for easy disassembly and transport

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