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Curtiss-Wright CW-22 Falcon

The CW-22 was based on the single-seat CW-21 light fighter and first flew in 1940.  The landing gear retracted rearward into fairings under the wings.

The CW-22 was sold to the Netherlands for use in the East Indies, Turkey and several Latin American countries.  Several Dutch aircraft were captured and flown by the Japanese.  The CW-22 could be armed with two machine-guns--one fixed forward and the other on a flexible mount.

The U.S. Navy purchased 455 CW-22s with the designation SNC-1 Falcon as an advanced trainer.

Specifications (SNC-1)





Type: Trainer
Engine: one 420 hp (313 kW) Wright R-975-28 Whirlwind radial piston engine
CW-22: Company (Curtiss-Wright)  designation
SNC: U.S. Navy scout trainer

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