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Boeing CIM-10 Bomarc

The Bomarc (Boeing and Michigan Aeronautical Research Center) was a surface-launched interceptor missile.  Propelled by a rocket booster until its ramjets could produce thrust, the Bomarc was guided from the ground until close enough to its target for its internal target seeker to take over.

The prototype flew in 1955 and the first operational missiles were delivered in 1960.  Some Bomarcs were converted to high-altitude supersonic target drones. 

The last Bomarc was phased out in 1972.  

Specifications (CIM-10A)





Type: Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM)
Engines: one 35,875 lb (160 kN) thrust Aerojet-General LR59-AJ-13 liquid rocket booster; two 11,500 lb (51 kN) thrust Marquardt RJ43-MA-3 ramjets  
XF-99: Pilotless Fighter designation (1951 - 1955)
IM-99: Interceptor Missile designation (1955 - 1963)
CIM-10: Container launched designation (after 1963)
CQM-10: Target drone designation

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