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Lockheed C-69 Constellation

Design of the L-49 Constellation began in 1939, when Pan American Airways and Transcontinental & Western Air (later Trans World Airlines) issued a design requirement for a 40-passenger airliner for their long-range routes.  The first L-49 flew in 1943.

U.S. Army Air Force commandeered at least 22 of the aircraft off the assembly line, designated them as the C-69, and used them as transports.

When the war ended, production of civil aircraft began under the designation L-049 using components intended for C-69 production.  The first "true" civil Constellation was the L-649 with more powerful engines and seating 48 - 64 passengers.

The next improvement of the Constellation was the L-749 or C-121.

Specifications (L-049)





Type: Transport
Seats: 43 - 48 passengers
Engine: four 2,200 hp (1641 kW) Wright R-3350-34 radial piston engines
L-49: Original Lockheed designation
C-69: U.S. Army designation for commandeered L-49 aircraft
L-049: Lockheed designation military C-69s completed as civil aircraft
L-649: Designation of first "pure" civil Constellations

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