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Boeing 737

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The 737 is the world's most successful jet airliner with over 4,200 produced.

The 737 was originally planned as a short-range small capacity airliner smaller than the 707 and 727.  The 737-100 had a capacity of 100 and first flew in 1967.

The second generation 737 (series 300-500) were updated to include efficient high-bypass turbofan engines.  The first 737-300 first flew in 1984.

The next generation 737 (series 600-900) continued upgrading the original aircraft with more efficient engines, a new wing with greater chord span and area and larger tail surfaces.  The first next generation 737 first flew in 1996.

Specifications (737-700)





Type: Commercial
Capacity: 144
Engines: two 22,000 lb (97.9 kN) CFM56-7B turbofans
737: Boeing model number
T-43: U.S. Air Force navigation trainer version

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