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Boeing 707

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The Boeing 707, although not the first jet airliner, was the right aircraft at the right time and truly opened the era of jet air travel.

Based on the KC-135, the 707 had a slightly wider fuselage (148 in v. 144 in) and was in development at the same time as the military tanker.  

The first production 707 flew with Pan American in 1958.  The last commercial 707 was sold in 1982.

The U.S. Air Force purchased 707s as VIP Transports designating them the VC-137.  Several VC-137s served as "Air Force One" until replaced by the Boeing VC-25 (747).

Specifications (707-320)





Type: Transport
Seats: 147 - 179
Engines: four 18,000 lb (8135 kg) thrust Pratt & Whitney JT3D-3 turbofans
707: Boeing model number
VC-137: U.S. Military VIP transport
E-3: AWACS version (named Sentry)
E-6: U.S. Navy version to provide communication link with nuclear submarines (named Hermes)
E-8: Stand-off battlefield reconnaissance version (named J-STARS).

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